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White Fillings

If you don’t want any unsightly silver amalgam fillings in your mouth, then our expert team of cosmetic dentists in Carlisle can replace them with beautiful white fillings that match your teeth.

If you have an old filling that needs replacing, a white filling is a much more aesthetically pleasing choice. At Lismore, we can advise on the removal of silver amalgam fillings and replacement with white fillings.

If we can’t remove the filling for any reason, there are other treatment options to help ensure your mouth looks as natural as possible, including porcelain crowns and veneers.

White fillings have a number of benefits over silver amalgam:

  • They can be colour matched to your teeth.
  • They are stronger and more durable.
  • They can be bonded into place.
  • They can boost your confidence.

Teeth Grinding and Bruxism Treatments

Teeth grinding (bruxism) is very common and can be a habit or a very deep seated, unconscious reflex which happens mostly at night and is very difficult to stop.

Headaches can be associated with teeth grinding, as can pain in the TMJ (jaw) joint. An unbalanced bite can be caused by multiple fillings or crowns, or simply by the way your teeth have grown in as a child. If the forces on the teeth are uneven, the body compensates for this by subtly shifting the balance on the jaw joints and muscles.

Sometimes, changing the balance of the bite can have massive results. At Lismore House Dental, we use a computerised bite analysis called the T-Scan which helps us to identify if your bite is unbalanced.

Cosmetic Tooth Bonding

We offer a comprehensive tooth bonding treatment to any patient who wishes to improve the appearance of their teeth, fill in gaps or hide discolouration.

Tooth Bonding is a simple and effective cosmetic dental treatment which uses tooth-coloured composite resin to improve and alter the appearance of your teeth, hiding any unsightly marks and masking any imperfections.

Many patients choose tooth bonding to:

  • Close the gaps and space between their teeth.
  • Cover up any decay and hide discolouration.
  • Shape and lengthen the appearance of teeth.
  • Fix cracked and chipped teeth.

Dental Mouth Guards

These orthopaedic appliances, one for the upper jaw and another for the lower, help you maintain the natural position of your jaw, one that eases muscular tension, increases air flow to the lungs, increases balance and core stability, and reduces the risk of injury.

Ideal for all athletes – from professionals to casual athletes, team sports participants to solo runners or golfers – the OSO Athletic mouth guard is designed to realign your jaw, allowing you to reach your peak performance. 

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